You got into education to make a difference.  

In school we are taught and trained in the academic skills necessary to read, write, create, and compute, but without a strong and supportive community, these academic skills leave students feeling empty and disengaged.  

When students are missing fundamental skills and the social-emotional literacy needed to be positive and productive community members, learning becomes secondary for many.  Students act out and shut down. Teachers become frustrated.  School becomes something other than what it was intended to be--a positive learning community; a training ground for life. 

We believe School IS Community.  


Make a difference. 




 Profound School Culture Shift    

                                    OSS, a proud Community core school

What does it look like when a school is able to truly connect to its mission and values? 

  • Excellent Classroom Management and Improved Academic Focus
  • Authentic Student Leadership
  • Purposeful Dismantling of the Structures that Lead to Bullying
  • Emotionally Healthy, Engaged Students
  • True Social Consciousness Shared by the Entire School Community

What we've discovered is that there are specific soft skill sets needed in order to make the mission and values of any school become part of the daily life of the school, owned by both faculty and students. 

  Community Core SEL Tools       

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We know that schools have put countless hours into creating mission statements and school-wide goals. Our program works with YOUR goals, YOUR mission, YOUR guiding principles.  With our Community Core Tools, your students gain the concepts and the practice they need to connect deeply to your values, facilitating a truly shared school community mission. 

Experiential Professional Development


We know experiential education is powerful for students. Community Core offers progressive, immersive development FOR EDUCATORS.  We have learned that teachers and administrators (just like their students) experience true and sustainable growth when provided with the opportunity to learn and practice simultaneously and ongoing, personalized support. Most teachers would agree that the theoretical knowledge gained in university teacher-training programs was tough to implement when confronted with the realities of the classroom.  We're here to help you address those realities (e.g., classroom management challenges, lack of engagement, limited resources) by helping you build a school culture in which educators engage and inspire students and ALL students take ownership of their role as leaders in the school community.