Rob Gallo  - Community Core Founder

Rob Gallo has been a leader in Experiential Education for more than 20 years, dedicating his career to helping students, teachers and families build stronger communities. With a background in Psychology, Secondary Education, and Mental Health, Rob has inspired students and staff with a unique perspective and training focused on social-emotional literacy.  As Founder of Driftwood Ranch, Rob has hosted groups of school principals, gang-affiliated youth, college students, and student leadership organizations; all of whom experienced Community Core, a philosophy and method for awakening the community spirit.

With the creation of Join the Community in 2011, Rob was able to unite all of his passions under one organization. Since then, Join the Community has been running Community Core programs in schools across the country, changing the way educators think about their "duty" and their students' leadership capacity.

Rob resides in San Diego with his wife Bri and his two daughters, Lexi and Lola, and spends his summers back at the place where it all started, Driftwood Ranch in Northfield, NH.

Heather Win - Director of Curriculum and Implementation

A veteran educator in public, independent, and charter schools, Heather Win joined the Community Core team in 2012 to develop a teacher-friendly Community Core student curriculum and personalized staff support system that extends and supports the experiential learning that happens at Community Core workshops and Driftwood retreats.  

Heather lives with her husband and two young boys in Vermont and practices Community Core methods five days a week in her classes and in the gray areas at Winooski Middle and High School.  



Jonathan Curtis-Resnick - Community Core Trainer and Driftwood Ranch Assistant Director

A current graduate student at University of Vermont, Jon brings a unique understanding of what it means to live and breathe Community Core.  

An academically-focused student, Jon came to Driftwood Stables as a young teen lacking self-esteem.  He felt firsthand the profound impact of being recognized for authentic leadership as a camper.  Year after year, he returned to Driftwood, and as a young adult felt called to help other young people access the same life tools that he'd found through practicing Community Core. With experience as an elementary school teacher, and now working as the Assistant Director at Driftwood, Jon offers Community Core schools gentle, insightful, hands-on guidance to young people and their teachers who are seeking to make school a place where students can practice building community, positive peer relationships, leadership, self-esteem, and a volunteer spirit. 


Sarah Herman - Head of School at O.S.S., a Community Core Pilot School

Sarah began serving as the OSS Head of School in 2013. Her experiences growing up at Interlocken International summer camp inform her belief that a powerful education must inspire curiosity, a desire to explore and an appreciation for failure and reflection. She joined Teach for America, worked in the New York City public school system for four years, and completed her M.Ed. in elementary education at Bank Street College. She then returned to her summer camp roots and served as director of Windsor Mountain International for eight years before continuing her studies at Harvard University and earning a M.Ed. in school leadership.

Sarah brings an insider view of the education community and has been invaluable in helping to bridge the gap between the camp mindset and school community needs. Sarah has been running Community Core programs as head of school for Our Sisters' School in New Bedford, NH for the past four years.  She has seen firsthand the tremendous impact that explicit teaching of social-emotional tools and the Community Core "gray area" staff training have made in the lives of her students and faculty.